Ian Machan

Lean’s future: toys or degrees?

Ian Machan discusses what the best ideas for developing lean are. Would we best served in investing in the future or seeking to better what
Bill Bellows

Lessons from Deming: beyond management by extremes

In this month’s Lesson from Deming, LMJ editorial board member Bill Bellows explores the idea of what’s better, diversity or the quickest process? Which are
Richard Schonberger IMAGE

Deproliferation: third lean pathway

Author and researcher Richard J. Schonberger, Ph.D. analyses why lean fails at a supply level and how organisations can change this expensive and time-wasting cycle
Jonathan Gray

From process excellence to business transformation

Jonathan Gray is VP at Hitachi Consulting, the management and technology consulting arm of Hitachi. Here he explores why lean six sigma transformations fail despite
Linus Broden

Skill development and mindset change

Linus Brodén, demand chain officer at HP Tronic, a contract electronics manufacturer in Sweden, presents a case study which explores how a lean transformation got

Customer centred lean design at Nationwide

LMJ’s editorial board member and lean services manager at Cardiff Business School, Sarah Lethbridge espouses the building society’s leaned mortgage lending practices with a view
Nick Katko

The lean CFO and the economics of lean

Nick Katko, senior consultant at BMA Consultants brings his expertise of years as CFO at various financial organisations to LMJ and discusses the best way
Chris Rowe

The rise of the lean paradox

Consultant Chris Rowe explores the ideas raised in The Chimp Paradox, by Dr. Steve Peters, that human beings are often constrained by their inner instinctive