Ian Machan

Lean’s future: toys or degrees?

Ian Machan discusses what the best ideas for developing lean are. Would we best served in investing in the future or seeking to better what
Penelope Blackwell

Beyond budgeting: the what and the why

Penelope Blackwell is director of fundraising for Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland. Here she writes about beyond budgeting and its uses in the charity sector.
Michael Grogan headshot

Lean leaders: developing people in the developing world

Michael Grogan based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania working for the Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) introducing lean and efficiency models to provide
SV headshot

Lean guidance

Steve Vaid discusses with LMJ the pitfalls and positives of incorporating lean into Guide Dogs organisational practices.
Fin Miller image

Cyber kaizen

Finlay Miller presents a light-hearted and personal look at the word of lean in cyberspace. The pitfalls and problems involved with bringing lean into the
Nigel Kippax

Lean in the voluntary sector

Nigel Kippax, head of consulting and training at NCVO, the largest umbrella group for voluntary and community sector groups in England, explores the voluntary sectors
140807-083 - Lean Team

The lean approach: lightening the workload

An educational endeavour for staff training purposes provided an interesting surprise for a Lincolnshire recycling firm, when they were able to make hefty savings and