Turning loss into cost

Paul Hardiman, TPM consultant manager at the Industry Forum explores how organisations can control their losses and even turn them into profits by learning how

Increase quality, increase velocity

LMJ editorial board member Joseph Paris explores the financial industries attempts at lean and shows where the real savings have been made.
Ian Machan

Bring back, lean out, and serve

Consultant Ian Machan shows us how a lean transformation, servitisation and reshoring creates competitiveness and asks readers to help him explore the ideas of this
Brian Maskell

Lean accounting

Brian H. Maskell, President of BMA Consultants, presents a case exampling how lean is used in accounting and what it can teach a business in
Cadrew image 2

Latent process widgets within professional services

Max Cardew, business productivity improvement manager at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and lean consultant to financial services analyses the incorporation of lean to the
Jean Cunningham

Questions of the lean doubters

Lean practitioner Jean Cunningham teaches how to do persevere through the doubts of a kaizen event, even if there’s opposition.
Bob Emiliani

Henry Gantt: lean before there was lean

Bob Emiliani, of the lean professor blog, shows us the value of one of lean’s predecessor’s knowledge and how the ideas are even more relatable