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5 Tips for Avoiding a Financial Disaster When Starting a Business

As you begin to get your new business of the ground, you'll need to take some smart steps towards avoiding financial disaster.

After all, what you invest into your company today can ensure its success for tomorrow, but you can’t predict what will happen to make your journey more difficult than you anticipate.

How going lean reduces employee turnover and layoffs

The origins of the assembly line process traces back to Venice in the 1450s; however, the first time it was truly integrated into an entire

Ford turned interchangeable parts with standard work and moving conveyors into a workflow.

Why studying online Is more flexible for mature students

If you are considering going back to school or college as a mature student, the prospect of attending classes in a traditional educational institution may

However, thanks to online education opportunities, you may be able to go back to school or college and even complete a degree course without the need to attend any physical classes or even stick to a timetable.

Tips on designing your first exhibition stand

If you’re planning on attending a trade show to promote your company’s products and/or services for the very first time, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed, and perhaps even a little bit confused, regarding how you should go about designing your very first exhibition stand.

How to establish yourself as an authority in your industry

No matter what business you are in, what your industry, the path to growth is paved with trust.

In order to continue increasing your market share it is vital to set yourself up as a person of authority, one that potential clients and customers can trust to know what you are talking about.

Characteristics of a Productive Workplace Environment

You've already heard about the importance of being super productive every day at work, especially if you operate your own business.

And there are plenty of experts who are ready to show you how you can make the most of every minute of every day to get as much done as possible.

Ways to minimize the risk of system downtime

Computer system downtime is, unfortunately, an issue that plagues every organization, in every industry, at some point.

The results of a number of recent surveys show that almost 90 percent of business organizations have experienced some kind of system downtime at some time.

Lean and the real customer – part two

Unleash and Engage Ltd’s Mark Gregory presents part two of his theories on where lean and customer service must learn to interact.