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Lean’s future: toys or degrees?

Ian Machan discusses what the best ideas for developing lean are. Would we best served in investing in the future or seeking to better what

Ian Machan discusses what the best ideas for developing lean are.

Break the Cycle

Russell Ackoff had a profound capacity for using stories to educate his audiences about the basic concepts of managing systems, both in his lectures and

The challenge, of course, is determining what is right to do, for such a label is far too easy to apply.

The Toyota issue

Within the lean world there are some huge movers and shakers. Companies and organisations that have always been there, waving their lean flag and standing

Within the lean world there are some huge movers and shakers. Companies and organisations that have always been there, waving their lean flag and standing as a
benchmark for others to aspire to. Perched on top of this pile is arguably, the holy grail of lean companies – Toyota.

Holding the pieces together

LMJ catches up with Serbian manufacturer, SCGM, and discovers the company and its lean ways have well and truly been put to the test.

Since LMJ last caught up with Serbian design and production company, SCGM, the company has taken on some massive projects which have put their lean practices to the test.

Lean diary – Public Sector edition #4

In this fourth article, Alan, a Human Resources – Recruitment & Retention Manager, talks LMJ through his experience of graduating from his council’s Leadership Academy and working on a final year project within Passenger Transport Services for Adults and Older People.

Lean diary – Public sector edition #3

In this third article, Claire, a Transformation Project Manager, talks us through her experience of being seconded to the transformation programme from her post as a food safety officer and the tools she learnt to utilise in order to make efficiency targets.

Lean and IT: recipe for success?

LMJ speaks with Marie-Pia Ignace, President of the Institut Lean France, about lean IT and learns about the upcoming Lean IT Summit in Paris.