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Sector Focus: Lean apprenticeships – lean for the next generation

The benefits of training at the beginning of a career instead of filling in the gaps later on

Manufacturing has suffered a lot of bad press over the years, and here in the UK our politicians in all their infinite wisdom decided making things was too cost0inefficenitn to have any place in a modern economy, and instead looked to banking and service sectors to supply our GDP.

Case Study: Distilling lean

LMJ’s editor Andrew Putwain visits a Scotch whisky producer where a wee dram of modernity is mixing with centuries of tradition in the leanest of

Bowmore whisky has been produced on the Scottish island of Islay since 1779, and is one of the world’s most recognisable alcohol brands.

Apprenticeships: beyond the technical

Director of training provider Evoke People Development Joe Bell makes the case for immediate investment in apprentices, above and beyond the departmental rotation and technical

Apprenticeships are big news at the moment.

Lessons from Deming: The brief history of quality, part three

Bill Bellows presents the final part of his epic trilogy on the brief history of quality. Look out for a new column replacing Lessons from

This brief history of quality, would not be complete without sharing a passage from Prophets in the dark, by David Kearns, the former CEO of Xerox:

In the late 1960s, Frank Pipp, an assembly plant manager for a Ford Motor Company factory, instructed his staff to purchase competitor’s cars.

Event Review: TM Lean Manufacturing Conference

LMJ’s sister publication organised its annual Lean Manufacturing conference in Birmingham, attended by a diverse range of speakers and delegates, eager to share their ideas

The theme of the conference was how to start or re-inspire lean in the workforce and re-engage with lean.

Partnership development: the route to lean supply chains, part one

Andrew Hemmings, managing director of Tier Link Limited, a supply chain management company primarily operating in the automotive and aerospace sectors, teaches us supply chains

The current economic climate with tighter controls on cash flow and credit limits puts even greater emphasis on supply chains to reduce costs, inventory and throughput times.

Optimising engineering changes with value stream flow

Tim Healey from Duggan Associates shows the benefits of bringing change in an organisation with value stream flow and a how to guide on how

Variation is inherent in engineering.

Lean and law: a map for process and progress

Jason McQuillen is head of managed legal services at Radiant Law, and a commercial law specialist. Here, with Martin Brenig-Jones, of Catalyst Consulting, present this

Not many lawyers would consider themselves masters of process.

Lessons from Deming: a brief history of quality-part two

In the second installment of Bill Bellows lessons on quality we read about the Industrial Revolution, Charlie Chaplin and Ford Motors.

While guilds held a strong control over quality and commerce through the Middle Ages, they began to decline in importance in the 18th and 19th centuries, given to their perceived disregard for free trade and technological innovation.