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The struggle against inefficiency

Managing director of Cressall Resistors, Cy Wilkinson, shares his thoughts on how to keep production relative to increased sales, as well as, his advice on

Though communism may be declining in China, the theory of continuous revolution developed by its founding father Mao Tse-tung may have some parallels on free market manufacturing management thinking.

Lean and information technology: finding the right balance

Information technology can offer valuable capabilities to lean strategies, it can automate activities, hone precision, eliminate errors, help to share knowledge and influence key decision

For over thirty years, I have endeavoured to improve organisational performance with careful adoption of information systems.

High tech; lean tech

Senior consultant at Edinburgh Napier University, Steve Yorkstone, compares the duplicitous appeal of technology and how drives towards new software and technologies can limit improvement

For the love of technology

It seems almost every newspaper I have opened recently references the unstoppable rise of technology.

The scaling dilemma

Writer, lecturer and lean software development expert, Mary Poppendieck emphasises the imperative of creating meaningful goals and enabling a workforce with the autonomy to achieve

“One of the most scalable organisations in human history was the Roman army.

Can we transform IT through lean management?

Chief technologist for Hewlett-Packard, Christian Verstraete, discusses how the amalgamation of varying technology is changing business interactions on every level and how lean can improve

Christian Verstraete at a glance:

  • 20 years specialising in IT supporting business processes
  • Studied engineering at Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium
  • Co-authored Strategic Value Creation through Collaborative Supplier Relationship Management, (2005)

Many IT departments are struggling.

Technology: friend or foe?

Personally, I have been looking forward to the April edition of the Lean Management Journal. The theme of technology within lean brings on a series

Personally, I have been looking forward to the April edition of the Lean Management Journal.

Annual Lean Healthcare Conference and Awards 2014

LMJ editorial director, Jon Tudor, provides insight and overview following his attendance at the Annual Lean Healthcare Conference and Awards on 6 February in Leeds.

The conference was superb and highlighted just how far lean healthcare has progressed over the past two years.

John Bicheno on The New Industrial Revolution

John Bicheno, LMJ editorial board member and course director at the University of Buckingham, shares his thoughts after reading Peter Marsh’s 2013 book The New Industrial

Peter Marsh is the former manufacturing editor of The Financial Times and is in a unique position to have written this overview of world manufacturing – how it has developed and where it is going.

Bill Bellows on Profit Beyond Measure

H. Thomas Johnson lies at the forefront of a worldwide community of business thinkers who are unveiling the limitations, as well as assumptions, of the