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Lessons from Deming: a brief history of quality-part two

In the second installment of Bill Bellows lessons on quality we read about the Industrial Revolution, Charlie Chaplin and Ford Motors.

While guilds held a strong control over quality and commerce through the Middle Ages, they began to decline in importance in the 18th and 19th centuries, given to their perceived disregard for free trade and technological innovation.

Case study: pumping it up

WITNESS simulation platform played an important part in developing the growth plans for mission-critical motors and pumps company, Hayward Tyler. Martin Clocherty, manufacturing systems director

WITNESS simulation platform played an important part in developing the growth plans for mission-critical motors and pumps company, Hayward Tyler.

Industry 4.0: where does it leave lean?

LMJ editorial board member Dr. Torbjørn Netland from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology presents his arguments on where the digital revolution can incorporate

Germany—the European manufacturing powerhouse—has set a new course for its future high-tech industry.

Is lean its own worst enemy?

LMJ goes digging around the strained world of hospitals, in this time of tightened budgets and press outrage, why is the seemingly easy answer of

If you are a regular peruser of LMJ’s news page, or spend some time on news sites, you’ll have noticed a recurring trend: that of opposition to implementation of lean programmes in public hospitals.

Where do we go from here?

David Maddison, continuous improvement director at Plexus, a global firm tailoring solutions to integrate product design and manufacturing speaks about the continuous improvement efforts.

A look at where lean stands in electronics manufacturing.

Do we have to fail?

Andrew Nicholson, managing director of Nicholson Consultancy Ltd, presents arguments on when best to introduce lean. Does a company need it from day one?

The value of going lean is easy to quantify: in forensically examining a firm experiencing problems, lean experts can identify what is going wrong and suggest solutions for the workforce to put in place.

Don’t tell them it’s lean and you’ll get away with it

Andy Hyde works for the Department of eHealth and Technology, South East Regional Health Authority, Oslo, Norway. At the time the case study was undertaken

This article describes how the improvement process was implemented and by relating it to lean philosophy and methods attempts to conclude as to why the improvement is continuing.

Redesigning healthcare processes from Google

David Ben-Tovim puts on his healthcare hat and explores how hospitals can learn from the waste-cutting wisdom of Google.

Toyota makes cars.

Simple is best

Russell Watkins, of Sempai Consultancy Services, looks to the ancient Japanese traditions for ways to best implement lean in our high-tech world and the glory

Read about:

  • Karakuri and how tea relates to lean
  • The idea of deselection
  • Simplicity is the key to lean

As throwaway lines go, this one uttered by Jim Womack to a packed conference room in November 2014 is up there with the best.